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Dr. Paul Schenk’s Presentation on 06/22/11 

June`s was a great presentation. Advances in the healing arts happen from time to time, but it is not every day that our members get to hear about a new area of practice and research from a pioneer in the field, as is Doctor Paul Schenk, who has been using Regression as as clinical psychologist for the last 25 years.

He not only explained the theories of why such a therapy would work, but he also shared several useful anecdotes. We got to see a patient in her mid-fifties who had suffered chronic gastrointestinal distress for decades. She had been to every kind of specialist but the cause and treatment were never discovered.

Finally, under Dr. Schenk`s direction, she was able to visit a past life where, as a man, this pattern of illness was, as it were, imprinted on the soul, ending up being carried over from one life to the next.

The story was quite interesting, as we heard it unfold, related by the patient under hypnosis. As a male in the prior life, the person, a successful small business owner, had been unfaithful with one of his employees. His wife poisoned him. He died from very painful GI damage. After this traumatic death was unearthed and resolved by the reincarnated soul of the present-day patient, the symptoms never again appeared. It was one of many successes using past life regression to resolve contemporary life issues.

Of course such investigation cannot be done lightly. It can`t be learned from a 6-month correspondence course from a mail order or online non-accredited school where a person can call him or herself `doctor,` and it can be risky even when done by an experienced clinician. A practitioner needs to understand the difference between clinical depression and certain neurological diseases which can mock depression symptomatically. I know of a social worker who started using regression, `dropped` a client, who then underwent a severe episode of being burned at the stake by religious bigots in a prior century for being a Pagan. He had ventured out far deeper than the draft of his keel! Fortunately, there were a couple of well-trained shamans on hand (it happened at a training seminar) who were able to anchor the client and lead her back to normal consciousness: that would have been a very unpleasant loop to be stuck in.

Yet, cautions covered, at the hands of a Paul Schenk or Raymond Moody, persons trained by years of clinical education, residency, and practice, to make such discernment and even to build in safeguards against potentially deleterious past life memories, this is a wonderful tool with great therapeutic value.

Paul`s presentation was interesting enough, but something he shared with me afterward was indicative of why PSC exists and the role I believe we are destined to continue to play in the coming years. One of our members, who was there with her daughter, was sitting up front near him and noticed, so she told him, that his left wrist seemed to be sore. I`d already told Paul that we have a very talented group of people, so I guess he was not too surprised when she asked him if she could work on it energetically. This was right after the presentation. He related that he put himself `out of the way` and just `let her work` and the soreness in his left wrist went away!

So here was a master healer, getting a bit of immediate relief from someone he`s just met at a presentation!

We are, it seems to me, at our best, a free marketplace of ideas, a place where different practitioners with various methods and disciplines of seeing, healing, and better interpreting out human experience can exchange information, and even find relief, comfort, and, we always hope, new insight as we learn from one another.

In coming months, we have some exciting new areas to explore. This month, July, Keisha Tafari will share with us the deeper astrological currents that affect our relationships. In August, Benjamin DeFoors will relate his investigations into where we go, as souls, between incarnations, `Life Between Lives.` In September, psychic and medium Gail Rhodes will host a long meeting, a 6-9 seminar, actually, on shifting consciousness as our Multiverse ascends and the energy changes for all.

(2012!? Bring it on!)

October 28th`s Freaky Friday will have some members showing us how to `tip tables`, inviting responses from unseen realms in a fun, wholesome exercise. A few small folding card tables might help, if some of you want to let me know that you’d like to bring one. J.R. Palmer will coach us on bending tableware. Again, if any of you have old sets of table ware, spoons, butter knives, forks that were destined for recycling anyway, let me know as we shall need perhaps 60 pieces.

Jeanne Mitchell will offer a brief discussion of the unique, once-in-a-century 11-11-11 date number at our 10/28 meeting, her comprehensive discussion of Numerology and what it can tell us about the significance of coming dates in the year of 2012, to Bob Tidwell`s Esoteric Science presentation in November. I`m hoping for the two `ghost busters`, Marley and Patrick for January, but do not have confirmation yet. We do have confirmation on February for Iridologist Brenda Star.

As soon as the January date is confirmed (or not) by Molly`s acquaintances, the spirit investigators, we have another presenter in a holding pattern to either come then or March, Deborah Lindsey, President of International Metaphysical University, to speak with us about energetic healing.

It should be a great coming few months and the public are always welcome to attend. There are no membership dues, so, see you there!





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