Featured Lecturer for Jun 24, 2011 – PAUL W. SCHENK Psy,D.

Paul W Schenk


Paul Schenk, Psy.D.

The Paranormal Study Center Presentation

A Clinical Look Back on 25 Years of the Implications of Reincarnation and the Clinical Applications of Past Life Therapy


The Benefits of Having Near-Death Experiences Without the Flatline

Paul W. Schenk, Psy.D.


For the past quarter century I have been on a profound journey as I have explored the implications of having personally shifted from a model that we all live just once to a model that souls reincarnate many, many times. Along the way I have continued to strive to maintain a balance that incorporates both my left brain`s scientific/academic roots and my right brain`s experiential/metaphysical/spiritual contributions. This workshop is an attempt to extract highlights from the journey thus far.


The evening will open with a brief review of near-death research by Moody, Ring, Sabom and others, and some highlights of Ian Stevenson`s 30+ years of research on children who reported memories of a previous lifetime. Next we`ll combine Braun`s model of memory and Woolger`s thoughts on trauma treatment as we add a fourth dimension to genograms utilized in family/ systems theory to postulate how events and relationships from other lifetimes can impact a person in a current life.


The bulk of the evening we`ll look closely at some of the many clinical applications of past life therapy (and its metaphorical counterpart, ‘waking dreams’, for those who are not comfortable with the concept of reincarnation) applied to clients` presenting issues and concerns.  Along the way, I`ll comment on some of my own experiences over the past 25 years, drawing on Ken Ring`s notion that one need not have a true near-death experience to derive many of its benefits. As he proposes in his book, Lessons from the Light, I hope to similarly ‘infect’ you with a large dose of curiosity to explore for yourself how experiences of the past life type can enhance your own experience of life.


About the presenter:

Dr. Paul W. Schenk is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Atlanta. He is an Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the current President of the Georgia Hypnosis Society, and past Chair of the Division of Independent Practice of the Georgia Psychological Association and a Fellow in GPA.  He is the author of two books, Great Ways to Sabotage a Good Conversation, and The Hypnotic Use of Waking Dreams: Exploring Near-Death Experiences Without the Flatlines. Among the many articles he has published are several related to his interests in past life therapy that are available on his website: www.drpaulschenk.com


Dr. Schenk will be doing Past Life Regression and Waking Dream sessions before the Presentation night of Friday, June 24th, and the following day, Saturday, June 25th. To learn about who you were in a prior life and how this is affecting your life here, now, please write Dr. Schenk for an appointment at drpaulschenk@earthlink.net

Admission will be $10 for this special event.