Featured Lecturer for Feb 25, 2011 – ADRIANNA LARKIN

Schedule: Every 4th Friday at 6:30 pm

Place: Radisson Inn, Olympus room, Madison, Alabama


Featured Lecturer for February  25, 2011



The Paranormal Study Center welcomes Adrianna Larkin, singer, songwriter, radio host & author.

Re-inventing Yourself at Any Age

The topic is based on her new book: ‘Igniting the Sacred Fire, Reinventing Yourself at Any Age’ which will be held 6:30 pm, Friday, February 25th at the Radisson Hotel/Olympus Room, 8721 Madison Blvd, Madison.

* The four most common myths believed to limit our ability to reinvent ourselves – and how to overcome them. 

* Why the reinvention process for mid-lifer’s can be easier than one undertaken in our 20’s 

* How to reinvent to “true purpose” when you aren’t certain what that purpose is. 

* How reinvention “done right” offers us the best health care plan available with more wealth than we could believe possible.  

* Using the “fourth” dimension of time to make reinvention easier. 

* The small changes that yield big results in the reinvention process.

You can reach Adrianna at her website below: