Featured Lecturer for April 22, 2011 – RHONDA MANNING

Schedule: Every 4th Friday at 6:30 pm

Place: Radisson Inn, Olympus room, Madison, Alabama


Featured Lecturer for April  22, 2011


Rhonda Manning

The Paranormal Study Center Welcomes:

Welcomes Rhonda G. Manning

Rhonda is an international psychic medium and one of the top psychic mediums in Tennessee.  Not only is she an amazing and accurate evidentiary psychic medium, she is also a trained psychotherapist in private practice for over 18 years.  She is featured on Bob Olsen`s The Best Psychic Medium Directory and The Medium Channel.  Committed to bridging the gap between science and spirit; she has been studied by a university, achieving an over 90% accuracy rating and serves as a guest speaker for paranormal institutes.

After a rapid succession of profound spiritual experiences and visions involving spiritual beings including Archangels, Rhonda was given the instantaneous ability to speak directly with spirit guides, higher beings, and angels, as well as crossed over loved ones.

She is able to provide undeniable evidence of dimensions beyond what many of us understand, including heaven, and can read your soul imprint as to who you are, why you are here, where you have been, and your soul lessons. Wanting to understand both the science and spiritual side of what was happening to her; she spent several years traveling the world seeking understanding via various workshops, visiting indigenous cultures and training with shamans, medicine men, and some of the top mediums in the world. This has led her to an understanding that we are incredible energetic beings living in a world made up of energetic frequencies and that the soul lives beyond the physical body.  This soul is on a journey and is part of a Universal God.


You can reach Rhonda for Private Readings below:

Readings: Rhonda can help you contact your Spirit Guides, illuminate opportunities and challenges you have through Life Path Readings, tune into guides, helpers, and sometimes ancestors for Empath Readings, or contact deceased relations or family members in well-known work as a Medium.


 Only 5 in-person Readings will be scheduled on Sat 4/23 & none prior to the Friday meeting. A discount rate of $150 (normally $175) is the fee, but Rhonda will honor that price for any Pre-Paid & Booked readings that weekend for any future phone readings due to Sunday being Easter and a prior commitment: rhondagmanning@comcast.net