Parapsychology Research Institute and Foundation (PRIF)
Caption: Left to Right: President Bob Glenn, Joe Slate and Rachel Slate.
Athens State Scholarship supports the arts

Published June 29, 2009 – Athens, Ala., A student scholarship for the arts has been created at Athens State University by Dr. Joe H. Slate, an alumnus and longtime professor at the University.

Dr. Slate and his wife Rachel recently met with Athens State President Dr. Bob Glenn who accepted the $10,000 check to establish the Dr. Joe H. Slate Scholarship for the Arts. The scholarship shall be awarded to one or more students enrolled at Athens State University. The student must be earning a major or minor in the arts which may include art, drama, dance, theater, music, graphic arts, or English. The scholarship will be managed by the Athens State University Foundation.





The Parapsychology Research Institute and Foundation (PRIF) was established at Athens College (now Athens State University) in 1970 by Joe H. Slate, Ph.D., then Professor of Psychology and Head of the Behavioral Sciences. Leading the way for the establishment of the organization was the pioneering work of James E. Bathurst, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and former Academic Dean of the college.From its inception, PRIF functioned as a two-component organization. The Institute component focused on research and educational activities whereas the Foundation component focused on fund raising and endowment goals.


Soon after its formation, the organization was instrumental in initiating a robust research program at the college and introducing parapsychology into the colleges instructional program, a first for the State of Alabama. Among the organizations early research was a U. S. Army contract to investigate external human energy patterns sometimes called the aura using electrophotographic strategies. A second project funded by the Parapsychology Foundation of New York conducted groundbreaking research using innovative technology to monitor various altered states of consciousness. A state of the art parapsychology laboratory was established, and numerous other research projects followed, including such topics as rejuvenation, pain management, psychic development, and discarnate phenomena.


With parapsychology an ongoing component of the colleges instructional and research program, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in its accreditation review recognized parapsychology as among the colleges major strengths.


In 1992, PRIF became an independent organization and the parapsychology program at the college was discontinued. Now a private organization, PRIF continues to administer a vigorous instructional, research, and endowment program. Its on-going research projects include electronic voice phenomena, reincarnation, UFO phenomena, and out-of-body travel, to list but a few. Its latest endowment project was the funding of a $10,000 scholarship at Athens State University in 2004. The scholarship is awarded annually to students of any major based on merit and need. Additional scholarships at other universities are planned.



  1. Rose Wehrkamp
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 05:43:28

    Are you still researching the paranormal or energy in humans?


    • PSC
      Jan 08, 2012 @ 13:41:59

      Hi Rose,

      As a collective group, we still research paranormal subjects and bring in guest speakers each month to present new ideas or subjects concerning the paranormal. On the fourth Friday of every month, we host a Lecture where you can ask questions or get involved with the subject of the lecturer and learn from each other.

      The Paranormal Study Center is open to the public and we have many members that have been studying or researching various disciplines for more than 30 years.

      If you’re interested, please join us every month for a fun time.



  2. Christopher
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 19:37:08

    I’m just wondering if this is an actual career and if so would yall hire someone with a Masters in Psychology? I’m trying to plan ahead here. Help will be appreciated. Even a point to the right direction would be greatly appreciated. The desired direction being a career researching the paranormal/supernatural and/or metaphysics.


    • PSC
      Apr 26, 2012 @ 12:55:39

      Thank you Christopher for your comments and questions.

      It’s great that you have a Masters in Psychology and you should be able to focus your skills in the paranormal field even though it may be limited here in Alabama. Despite which professional path you decide to take, you will gain personal and spiritual growth through any one of a number of metaphysical centers that offer an assortment of in-depth, academic courses or research related areas if you look for it online.

      Some of the many exciting careers in metaphysics which trained individuals can pursue include metaphysical healing arts practitioner, educator in metaphysics, parapsychologist, esoteric researcher, spiritual counselor, philosopher, theologian, or holistic minister.

      The finer aspect of careers in metaphysics is that once you’ve completed your education and training, you can begin to counsel and help in healing individuals who are seeking mental, emotional and spiritual stability and wellness.

      Other holistic therapies that are sometimes offered by metaphysical practitioners are mind-body-spirit medicines like aromatherapy, Reiki, energy healing, herbal medicine, and guided imagery. However, these careers in metaphysics do require additional or supplementary training and education.

      Those who are interested in paranormal studies find that careers in metaphysics like parapsychology offer individuals the education and training to comprehend unexplained phenomena. Various aspects of parapsychology entail the study and research of ESP (extrasensory perception), occult and the supernatural, psychic phenomena, intuition, mediumship, and spiritual awareness, among other related topics. So the sky is the limit but you have to chose the direction that you want to pursue and then go after it.

      We currently don’t employ anyone withing our non-profit group and our “Soul Goal” is to help educate the public at large on related Metaphysical topics and share quality time those individuals seeking greater understanding about the Paranormal in a safe and informed way.



  3. eric
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 00:17:21

    hi, i’m 20 and i live in VA. i’m currently not in school and i am an active paranormal investigator are there any programs available online or in VA period?


  4. Brgesh
    Oct 26, 2014 @ 03:44:17

    Hi im a foreign student i love paranormal activities and ghosts i hope that ur institute provide a chance…


  5. gsrsvpuk
    Feb 17, 2015 @ 20:44:15

    Hi I’m a paranormal investigator who has recently been working with a programmer engineer to develop a customised data logger that can be monitored via mobile phone or tablet on a wireless network. We are currently working on a project at a local location gathering vital data to help support our theories regarding environmental factors that act as an energy source for paranormal phenomena to manifest. The project is based upon residual haunting (stone tape theory) and at present seem to be gathering interesting data which we have now come to base a lot of our work around. Our aim is not to prove the existence of, it is to better understand the phenomena and how it manifests.
    I am very passionate about the paranormal and is now extremely interested in working towards a PHD in Parapsychology further advance the research I am already conducting. I currently have monthly column in a paranormal online magazine based around my research.

    If there is any advice you could offer me or anyway of supporting me with this matter, it would be much appreciated.


  6. Brand
    Sep 26, 2015 @ 19:21:38

    Please send me some contact information, for I have many questions in helping people to see better so like the rest of the world, seeing is believing. My spirit is very restless and would like to make a change in this world. I have ideals for a invention that would be a base for many other inventions. It would lead to a better world by changing the way we measure human value with money. It would also help kill fossil fuel dependence. thank you


  7. Susan Weber
    Dec 28, 2016 @ 19:15:58

    We were wondering if you offer courses or training in parapsychology. We are also interested in any research studies on the topic.
    Thank you, Susan


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