Featured Lecturer for September 23, 2016 – Handwriting Analysis/Graphologist: Terry Linn

Schedule: Every 4th Friday at 6:30 pm

Place: Unity on The Mountain. 1328 Governors Drive SE, Huntsville, Alabama, (located on the right as you go up the hill past Huntsville Hospital… ** Look for the large black street sign hanging over Governor’s Drive and turn immediately to the right under the sign and travel up the driveway to the Church ** )


Featured Lecturer for September 23, 2016

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The Paranormal Study Center Welcomes:

Graphologist – Terry Linn

What Hidden Secrets “lie” in your Handwriting

*** Admission will be $10 for this special event ***

  • Due to the need to expand our meetings and have it more accessible to Mid-Huntsville, we’ll be hosting our Paranormal Meetings at Unity Church on the Mountain starting this month on September 23rd, 2016 and in the future.

    The time: (6:30-9pm) and date: (4th Friday of each month) will remain the same..

    We’ll now be located at the wonderful Unity Church where we originally hosting our lectures several years ago at 1328 Governor’s Drive, SE Huntsville, AL. 35801, just click on the Map link for directions. —>> “MAP



Terry is a 20 year Air Force veteran, as an Air Battle Manager. He earned a Mathematics degree from The University of Texas and a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations & Political Science from The University of Oklahoma. He’s been studying graphology as a hobby for over 20 years, and has performed 100s of individual handwriting analyses for friends, colleagues.

 GRAPHOLOGYLearn how to get to know yourself or a friend better using handwriting analysis. Find out some incredible facts about your own character using your handwritten words and learn how to improve your status in life as viewed by others.

What kind of person are you?

How do other people see you?

Why are your intimate relationships not working?

Are you and your partner compatible?

How can you advance and be liked at work?

Are you misunderstood by friends and family?

A Personal Handwriting Analysis helps you answer these questions. How?

*  It Shows you your strengths and weaknesses & Helps you kick ‘bad’ habits
*  May Explain why you react inappropriately in certain situations.
*  It Shows you what you need to do to make a personal, intimate, family or work relationship really work

Handwriting Analysis, or graphology, can help you understand all of this and discover your strong and positive characteristics. You can then set realistic relationships and professional goals, improving your daily life beyond your dreams.




How is your handwriting analyzed?

The best and most accurate analysis comes from daily handwriting. The analysis of the strokes of a letter, including size, pressure, speed, spacing, slant and many others, it reveals very specific traits in a person’s character and will be interpreted by Terry. The formation of each letter tells us about the writer’s characteristics and personality. Graphology, or Handwriting Analysis, is a science like any other study of the human condition.


Uses for Handwriting Analysis:


Personal analysis:
Want to know yourself or people you care about better? You’ll be surprised by the insights you will receive.

If you want to understand yourself or your relationships better

Understanding peers/Business associates:
You’re in an important meeting but can’t seem to get a “read” on other participants. Knowing about handwriting analysis will provide important insights..

Child monitoring:
Handwriting analysis is very helpful for parents who want to understand and monitor their children through development.

Criminal cases:
What kind of person committed the crime? Who is telling the truth? Knowing this can help law enforcement determine what they’re up against and the type of person sought.

“Poison pen” letters:
How dangerous is that nasty note? What is the nature of the writer? Handwriting analysis can shed light on these questions.

Old letters:
What was Grandpa really like?



Come and enjoy a presentation by “Terry Linn” as he shares his unique knowledge about Handwriting Analysis. Location: Unity Church on The Mountain where we originally hosting our lectures several years ago at 1328 Governor’s Drive, SE Huntsville, AL. 35801. Friday, Sept 23rd at 6:30-9:00 pm. Public Admission at the door is $10. For more information, visit ParapsychologyStudyGroup.com or www.meetup.com/Huntsville-Paranormal-Study-Center.