Featured Lecturer for May 23, 2014 – Jeffrey Rich

Schedule: Every 4th Friday at 6:30 pm

Place: Hilton Garden Inn. 4801 Governors House Drive, Huntsville, Alabama, (located on the service road past Landry’s Seafood House off of Bob Wallace near the Space & Rocket Center)


Featured Lecturer for May 23, 2014


The Paranormal Study Center:

Welcomes: Jeffrey Rich

“Understanding Curses, Spirit Attachments & Clearings”

Because we humans are energetic beings and our mass is mostly empty space, we can be influenced by energy fields around us and in which we immerse ourselves while at work, play, worship, and at rest. Our natural human mediumistic quality helps to keep us safe and serves as an energetic “early warning system” to try and keep us out of trouble. Normally we move in and out of these energies with ease and have no lingering ill-effects from these environmental and thought-form energy fields.

But sometimes things can go slightly awry; we can become connected to certain energies on a longer-term basis, not shedding them when we move out of their physical proximity. We can be ‘slimed’ by curses hexes, and ancestral energies, or we can become entangled with the energy system of another being and not be able to let go our attachment to them.

The mechanisms for these kinds of entanglements is not well understood by most people and often engenders fear when they are encountered. Understanding the underlying mechanisms of entanglements and how they can be safely and compassionately cleared can bring us greater peace of mind and ease when we find ourselves in one of these situations. When we start to really take a look at these phenomena, we begin to understand that they are very normal encounters for most people.

In this presentation I will explore with you the mechanics of curses, hexes, and bindings, and will also explore the mechanics of spirit attachments and some of the common symptoms seen of each, using case studies and my own experiences in this field of study. We will explore a little bit about how these two things are often seen together, specifically, how spirits get bound into family lines and lineages, or to individuals. I will also present anthropological and cultural/historical case studies as we look deeper into these very real and very common phenomena and see what other world peoples believe and have to say about them. Finally we will take a look at how these energetic phenomena can be cleared in an ethical, non-coercive, compassionate, and safe way for all involved.

Jeffrey is a shamanic practitioner and shamanic instructor specializing in the shamanic energy disciplines of clearing spirit attachments, clearing unhelpful energy fields, clearing spaces, curses, hexes, and many forms of energetic blockages and tangles. Helping you find your Light and discovering your Divine sovereignty while reconnecting you to your sources of connection and power is my great love. My teachers are indigenous and non-indigenous shamanic and spiritual teachers from both the North and South American continents, although many of my methods are spirit-taught, coming directly from the Helping Spirits. I live and work in Huntsville, Alabama where I have a full-time healing practice providing skilled therapeutic massage and a broad range of shamanic healing modalities to the public. My new clinic, Shining Mountain Healing Center, opens soon in Five-Points.


Shamanic Training and Workshops in<br /><br /><br /><br />
                        Huntsville, Alabama Upcoming Shamanic Training in Huntsville, AL
5-8 June – “Compassionate Depossession I

Shamanic Training and Workshop Schedule


Jeffrey also offers the following healing modalities:
  • Transformational Massage and Bodywork
  • Body-mind Acupressure
  • Energetic Clearing for Homes, Businesses, Projects, and Objects
  • Shamanic Reiki

Read about Jeffrey in an article written by Kay Campbell in The Huntsville Times:  HERE

Some of the common shamanic healing modalities that he offers are:

Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Training and Seidr for You in Huntsville, AL

  • Shamanic Energy Medicine for Spiritual Healing
  • Space Clearing and Blessings for Homes, Businesses, Projects, and Objects
  • Shamanic Training, Shamanic Courses and Shamanic Workshops
  • Shamanic Training in the Andean Cosmology and care of Stone Mesa Bundles
  • I facilitate Shamanic Healing Ceremony
  • Seidr Ceremony of Oracular Divination
  • Public Speaking about Shamanism and Shamanic Healing
  • Accessible from Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN, Asheville, NC and surrounds

You can contact his office from the website by visiting below:


Contact me if you would like to schedule a consult, to schedule an appointment, or if you just want more information about shamanism, shamanic healing, massage therapy, or shamanic training in Huntsville.

Jeffrey Rich, LMT 656



Admission will be $10 for this special event