Featured Lecturer for July 22, 2016 – Healer, Teacher: Jeffrey Rich

Schedule: Every 4th Friday starting at 6:30 pm

Place: Hilton Garden Inn. 4801 Governors House Drive, Huntsville, Alabama, (located on the service road past Landry’s Seafood House off of Bob Wallace near the Space & Rocket Center)


Featured Lecturer for July 22, 2016


The Paranormal Study Center Welcomes:

Healer, Teacher – Jeffrey Rich BS. LMT.

Shamanism and Constellations as Ceremony

*** Admission will be $10 for this special event ***


Shamanism is the oldest spiritual tradition known to humanity and for thousands of years Shamans on each and every inhabited continent have developed an effective and profound system of healing through journeying, energy clearing, vital essence retrieval, and communication with the Ancestors and others in the spirit world.

Constellations is a modern mediumistic technique using representational Field dynamics for looking into a human family system, a Nature system, or an organizational or commerce system to discover the hidden structure of the relationships found there. Blockages of energies in the system can then be discovered, investigated, and released.

When the come two together, a luminous and beautiful method of healing is born for treating multiple generations which encompasses many cosmological concepts of reality and which transcends our understanding of what soul is.

Jeffrey will present a lecture/demonstration of shamanic and ceremonial constellations. Please join us for a fun evening of interactive exploration in the Knowing Fields of constellations, shamanism, and ceremony.

Jeffrey Rich, LMT 656 is a licensed massage therapist, shamanic practitioner and teacher and systemic and family constellations facilitator. His full-time healing practice happens in Five-Points at the Shining Mountain Healing Center in Huntsville, AL.




His website is: www.shining-mountain.com, and private appointments can be made on-line there. His shamanic healing web site is: www.waterwillowmoon.com

***Admission will be $10 for this special event***