Featured Lecturer for August 28, 2015 – Healer, Teacher: Jeffrey Rich

Schedule: Every 4th Friday starting at 6:30 pm

Place: Hilton Garden Inn. 4801 Governors House Drive, Huntsville, Alabama, (located on the service road past Landry’s Seafood House off of Bob Wallace near the Space & Rocket Center)


Featured Lecturer for August 28, 2015


The Paranormal Study Center Welcomes:

Healer, Teacher – Jeffrey Rich BS. LMT.

Energies Revealed: How Systemic Constellations Show Hidden Energies and Dynamics

*** Admission will be $10 for this special event ***


Systemic and Family Constellations, the life work of German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, is a method for seeing and working with the hidden dynamics in a system. Hellinger talks of constellations as “increasing the flow of love” in a family, and that they are often “movements of the soul.” Many modern constellations facilitators say that a family constellation is a visual representation of the Family Soul and what it is wanting to say. Constellations are also the only trans-generational modality that we have for looking at these specific kinds of hidden dynamics, or ‘entanglements’ that Hellinger and others speak of.

Constellations can be used to discover hidden dynamics within any system, whether that system is a family, a business, an organization, or even Nature and ecosystems. In constellations, we can have conversations with our ancestors and discover a knowing about how they stand behind us and what kinds of strengths and gifts they bring to us within this lifetime.

Jeffrey will present a lecture demonstration about Systemic and Organizational constellations. You will have the opportunity to both witness and participate, if you choose. Due to the private nature of family issues, the demonstration portion of the lecture will confine itself to Organizational and Nature constellations only. Nature constellations can be quite effective in revealing dynamics with landscaping, with pets and pet behaviors, and harmony or disharmony of ecosystem elements.

When creating a constellation, we come together as individuals in service to each other. An issue is presented by a client, and after a few questions about the problem, the facilitator asks the client to choose a representative for themselves, and then to choose other representatives for aspects of the issue. Depending on the kind of constellation, these other representatives can represent a department head, plants in a landscape, a pet, or individual co-workers, even Life, Death, or even an Unknown Force. Representatives are placed intuitively. And then the Knowing Field begins to speak through the representatives and hitherto unknown relationships can begin to be seen and understood.

Constellations are often healing and revealing for all who witness them; client, representatives, and gallery members alike. Jeffrey will demonstrate a few constellations, and we will all have opportunities to participate in one or more group constellations to experience our Ancestors.

Jeffrey is a licensed massage therapist, AL #656, shamanic practitioner and instructor, and budding constellations facilitator. His initial constellations training will be complete in late September of this year. To date he has facilitated dozens of constellations. His practice is in Five-Points at the Shining Mountain Healing Center which is located at 900 Wellman Ave #5, two suites down from the Eckankar Center of Huntsville.

His website is: www.shining-mountain.com, and private appointments can be made on-line there. His shamanic healing web site is: www.waterwillowmoon.com

 ***Admission will be $10 for this special event***