Featured Lecturer for August 23, 2013 – Joshua & Melissa

Schedule: Every 4th Friday at 6:30 pm

Place: Hilton Garden Inn. 4801 Governors House Drive, Huntsville, Alabama, (located on the service road past Landry’s Seafood House off of Bob Wallace near the Space & Rocket Center)


Featured Lecturer for August 23, 2013


The Paranormal Study Center:

Welcomes: Psychics – Joshua & Melissa

“Group Crystal Channeling Session with your personal crystals”

We all want direction at times and stones are extremely good at showing us what direction we should be focused on moving in. When I pick up a stone while we are having a conversation about the way your reality is, messages come through the stones from my guides and the clients“.

These group readings are excellent for assisting us in feeling more focused and aligned with stepping back into our own power and creating the reality that we want. All you need to do is bring your favorite crystal to the meeting and as time allow;  Joshua or Melissa (or both) will read your crystal and deliver your very own personal message from your Guides or Angels to you !

A Crystal Reading can assist you in knowing where you are at and where you want to move forward. Crystal Readings are also very helpful in finding out information about where you are in the emotional scale and how to step up the scale.


Joshua has studied esoteric subjects throughout the world.  His personal specialty is Sanskrit Mantras and the Sanskrit Alphabet.  His knowledge extends to many religious and spiritual systems, including Tibetan, Jewish, and Gnostic.  He has attended seminars with Naisha Ashian learning new techniques in Crystal Resonance.  Joshua traveled to Israel and Egypt, studying under the famed Clairvoyant Henry Windfeldt.  He received his Shaktipat initiation from a high level Western Mysteries Initiate.

Joshua received his combat Medic and Radiology Specialist training at the UASMEDD Center and Schools in Fort Sam Houston,Texas.  He is currently working as an X-Ray Tech and supply co-coordinator at Vanderbilt University.  Joshua is the co-creator of several classes, seminars and workshops that cover subjects from crystals to guidance. He is currently creating his first book, which will be a metaphysical novel about traveling through incarnations, and his second book, which is about Hindu Deities.

Melissa holds a degree in gemology, crystalogy  and is a certified Melody Practitioner. She has trained under Four Winds Academy in Crystal Surgery and Ancient Tibetan Healing Techniques. She has also worked with Dawn Silver on the Jewels of the Lotus Healing techniques that encompass both East and West philosophy.

She has attended Seminars with Naisha Ahsian learning new techniques in Crystal Resonance. Her experience in the Health Care industry included working as a licensed radiological technologist, team leader, Operations Director of a multi-Clinic Market, World Relief Liaison, Corporate Training, Regional Director of training and Federal Regulation Consultant. She also worked with the American Red Cross, bringing basic medical concepts to lay people as well as working with The American Heart Association bringing life saving techniques to Healthcare professionals. Melissa utilizes the skills she learned here in the seminars, classes and workshops that are brought to you, there by allowing you a wonderful experience of learning in a professional.

Together Melissa and Joshua offer several classes, workshops, seminars and lectures on topics that include crystals, healing techniques, grids, guidance, manifestation, emotional well being and many others. Their commitment can be seen when one experiences a session, a reading, a lecture or a workshop. Both Melissa and Joshua are diligently working to continually provide outstanding customer service, excellent value and helpful information while maintaining a high level of integrity, not only to their clients but to themselves.

Their goals are to remain empowered, and assist others who wish to step into their own powers by sharing information, techniques, processes and high quality products.

***NOTE*** Melissa and Joshua will be available for in-person sessions all day on Saturday Aug. 24, 2013.  To schedule your appointment, please contact them via the service page on their website, or contact Melissa at  “yourcrystalconnection@gmail.com”

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Admission will be $10 for this special event