Featured Lecturer for May 27, 2011 – MASTER TAO HUANG

Schedule: Every 4th Friday at 6:30 pm

Place: Radisson Inn, Olympus room, Madison, Alabama


Featured Lecturer for May  27, 2011



 The Paranormal Study Center

Welcomes Taoist Master Tao Huang

 Taoist Master Tao Huang will be presenting May 27th. He will speak to use about the spiritual Path of Taoism and about his work as a healer in the Taoist tradition. While we call him a healer, he wrote, “No one heals; only the karmic codes are to be disclosed. I do not heal or teach, only present the ancients dusts, wrapped in the blood, and tonified through the only thing I can make behave, the breath.”

He will be available for intensive healing sessions on May 28th, and, possibly by appointment, earlier than our evening meeting on 27th. His website is undergoing reconstruction,  but may be viewed at www.ascendinghall.com

Addressing the mind-body-spirit connection in healing, he says, “In Taoism we see our bodies as sacred gates, possessing within all we need -the essential goodness created by Heaven and the essential job inherited from our parents. These body-vessels are but demanding organisms and hidden mechanisms. Being the conduit of the Tao, our bodies are organisms, and our minds are mechanisms.”

His path is based on the scriptures of Lao Zi, and is also known as Laoism.

We invite you to join us to learn more about Taoism, healing, and, as always, the inner journey, May 27th with Master Tao’s presentation, and, if you need a particular healing work performed, do not hesitate to write him in advance for an appointment that weekend at: jadewinds@sbcglobal.net