Featured Lecturer for July 22, 2011 – KEISHA TAFARI


Keisha Tafari

The Paranormal Study Center Welcomes:

Welcomes Keisha Tafari on the “Astrology of Relationships”

Exploring Relationships: The Dynamic Dance of Saturn and Uranus

Keisha, a native of Birmingham, has studied at the School of Metaphysics in Windyville, MO, completing the first level of study in 4 years.  Her focus was dream interpretation and honing an understanding of the conscious mind and its functions.  She has studied astrology independently for 16 years. She has been working with clients in both astrology and dream interpretation on an independent basis for 3 years. She has lived in the Huntsville area for 5 years and has two sons.
Recent Events:

Mankind is on the frontier of a major shift in consciousness; and a look at the astrological alignment of planets not only signifies these changes, but they also offer answers. On a personal level, we all have, or have had relationship challenges. Keisha will help us understand how Astrology and Numerology offer us insights into these. Uranus and Saturn have been in an exotic dance for the past two year: the sparks excite but can unexpectedly ignite and burn.  The planets of tests (Saturn) and change (Uranus) affect us personally, as well as collectively. The tension between these sky dancers is directing our focus on relationships, whether it be marriage, parental, social, political, or friends.”

July Presentation:

Part I/ Saturn vs. Uranus: Me vs. Us Discover the lessons and revelations that the dance of Saturn and Uranus holds for us in the next years.  Buckle up because the ride is sure to shake you up and flip your relationships on its head!

Part II/Relationships Dynamics: Why Can’t We Just Get Along?.What makes relationships work?  Take an astrological look at why some relationships work, while others offer challenges. Looking at the characteristics and qualities of the astrological signs (and a little numerology) provides insights into these questions, and may help resolve your relationship challenges.