Featured Lecturer for February 24, 2017 – Esoteric Researcher: BOB TIDWELL

Schedule: Every 4th Friday at 6:30 pm

Place: Unity on The Mountain. 1328 Governors Drive SE, Huntsville, Alabama, (located on the right as you go up the hill past Huntsville Hospital… ** Look for the large black overhanging street sign over Governor’s Drive and turn immediately to the right under the sign and travel up the driveway to the Church ** )


Featured Lecturer for February 24, 2017


The Paranormal Study Center Welcomes:

Esoteric Researcher: Bob Tidwell

The Mandela Effect and the Nature of our Reality

*** Admission will be $10 for this special event


Bob is a researcher in the field of Etheric Science. During the ‘Cold War’ he worked on Top Secret projects for the Aerospace Defense Command, and is retired from AT&T where he worked as a Computer Systems Specialist. He is currently continuing his research into various fields of the unusual aspects of everyday reality.


In 2010, a paranormal enthusiast named Fiona Broome claimed she remembered the news coverage of Nelson Mandela’s tragic death in a South African prison during the 1980’s. When she shared this thought with a group of her friends, many of them said they remembered this event taking place, or learned about it in school.

Only that never happened. Mandela was alive at the time they apparently vividly recalled this. He died in December 2013, three years after Broome first voiced her theory.

But Broome’s justification is even more important than her initial thoughts were — she argues these “shared memories” that have no present empirical evidence of ever occurring could be due to the existence of a parallel universe that may have intertwined and collided with ours.

The Mandela Effect Examples:

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs:
This is one of the freakiest Mandela Effect examples!  For most of us, we remember the evil queen in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs going up to her mirror and saying “Mirror, mirror on the wall”, but if you re-watch any version of the movie, on any format, you will discover that the phrase many of us have said throughout our lives has never been “Mirror, mirror on the wall”.  Now the phrase in the movie is “Magic mirror on the wall”, and it supposedly always has been.

In the movie Jaws, Almost every person who has ever seen this classic will remember the famous line, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”, which is said by Brody (Roy Scheider) when they first see the shark, however, if you go and watch the movie now, the line is, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”.  Which one sounds right to you?  We remember him saying the first line because he was involved in the capture of the shark, but the new line suggests he is telling them they will need a bigger boat as they are the ones who will be catching Jaws.

Forrest Gump:
Another famous movie line with just a slight, yet noticeable change is the one from Forrest Gump where he’s sitting at the bus stop telling his life story.  The line Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) says has always been quoted as, “Life is like a box of chocolates”, but the line in the movie is actually, “Life WAS like a box of chocolates”.  Many people have been baffled by this example of the Mandela Effect.  All the memes seem to have changed despite no one agreeing with the current line in the movie.

Some of the other theories for the Mandela Effect include a “glitch in the Matrix” which suggests we are living in a simulated dual reality or someone has traveled back in time causing a “butterfly effect“.  Could we all be living in a simulated reality?  Could our brains be tricking us into thinking we believe something that never took place?  Could we be crossing timelines with a parallel universe and not know it?  Or are we dabbling in science and physics which is unknowingly entering into a higher dimension which may be shifting our consciousness?


Come and enjoy a presentation by Bob Tidwell as he shares his unique knowledge about The Mandela Effect. Location: Unity Church on The Mountain at 1328 Governor’s Drive, SE Huntsville, AL. 35801. Friday, Feb 24th at 6:30-9:00 pm. Public Admission at the door is $10.

For more information, Contact LaMont Hamilton at WorldPsyhic@email.com or visit  www.meetup.com/Huntsville-Paranormal-Study-Center.