Featured Lecturer for July 27, 2012 – JASON KENDRICK

Schedule: Every 4th Friday at 6:30 pm

Place: Radisson Inn, Olympus room, Madison, Alabama

Featured Lecturer for July 27, 2012

Jason Kendrick

Jason is an Indigo, Reiki Master, Clairvoyant/Intuitive Life Coach, Author and Speaker. His work with others is strongly based in the Law of Attraction and helping others to realize how they attract things into their life and changing their perspective on what they attract so that they can feel more empowered in their life.

This life is ours to do as we wish with it. It is our dream world and we have all the power to make it as we wish it to be. However, due to our training and programming from childhood we have to reprogram and re-habilualize our lives in the new direction we wish it to go and this is where the work comes in. It isn’t always easy to change our world, but it can be a lot easier when we change our perspective about the changes we are making and turn it into more of a fun experiment. Because, after all, that is what this life is, an experiment of creation.

Jason has self published his first book, It’s Not Your Life, IT’S YOU!, which is available on his website, www.JasonKendrickBooks.com as well as Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles.com and many other online retailers. His book is subtitled, A Layman’s Guide to the Power of Perspective, and is a conversational guide to basic spirituality and the law of attraction in an easy to understand way for those who have very little experience with these topics as well as a wonderful reminder for all spiritual students. He has finished writing his second book, It’s Not Your Life, IT’S STILL YOU!, and it is currently in the editing process. His third book, which he is currently writing, is on relationships and how our personal relationships are in need of major revamping to become healthy and beneficial.

Jason offers coaching packages, Reiki sessions and clairvoyant readings on his website. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of his book and would like a personally signed copy, purchase it from his website and he will sign it with a personal message to you and mail it to you personally.

You can contact his office from the website by visiting below:

Jason can be reached at Jason@JasonKendrickBooks.com or by phone at 303-653-7533. His website is www.jasonkendrickbooks.com:

Admission will be $10 for this special event